Canada is the country with the longest latitudinal gradient: its north-south distance is unparalleled in the world. Only a strong, tightly woven team, ready to face the worst storms, will be able to cross Canada in this axis. AKOR’s crew is composed of 4 young adults in the prime of their lives who have been friends for more than 10 years. Their mutual trust is boundless.

 Jacob Racine  // Fascinated by cinema and theatre, Jacob took an outdoor tangent 16 years ago to become a professional guide in adventure tourism. After participating in the TV show Destination Nor’Ouest 2 in 2008 (TVA), he was able to combine his passion for adventure and cinema. Since then, he has had the privilege of working on several film sets including the Gold Rush in 2010, Two Lovers and a Bear in 2015, La Grande traversée in 2016 and the television series Expédition Extrême from 2016 to today. While his expeditions have taken him to the ice floes of James Bay and Baffin Island, his greatest achievement is the crossing of Quebec on skis from Montreal to Kuujjuaq in the winter of 2014: The Karibu Project. 2,300 km by skis, sleeping under a tent, with only his own body as a source of heat for 131 days. Today, Jacob takes to the stage to tell his craziest anecdotes in a show where humour and adventure go hand in hand. Chances are he will have something to tell about his participation in the AKOR 2021 expedition, which he is joining for the skiing portion in Nunavut.