Through their personal investment and trust in our great expedition, the foundations and individuals below propel our dream into reality. Like us, they see the importance of exploring the physical and mental limits of human potential. We would like to thank them formally for their commitment to the AKOR expedition, as well as for its scientific and social impacts.

Interested in supporting the AKOR expedition? Take a look at our Partnership Plan.

Institutional donors

Individual donors

Solange Renaud
Françoise St-Martin
Martin Morin
Bruno Bourque
Léanne Bérubé
Louis-Joseph Roy
Dominique Bérubé
Louis Trottier
Jean Moreau
Monique Bourrassa
René Roy
Jean-Pierre Allard
Marie-Helene Dallaire
Audrey Lainesse
Marie-Claude De Brouwer
Alice Beaulieu
Bruno Tremblay Dumais
Benoit Maheu
Karl Sasseville
Marie-Josée Dutil
Jean-Pierre Bourque
Lise Roberge
Alain Moreau
Marisol Litalien
Sylvie Brisson
Jeanne Léger
Madeleine Moreau

Donors of time and advice

Ben Saunders
Chris Hadfield
Bernard Voyer
Noah Noggassak
John Dunn
Sébastien Lapierre
Jerry Kobalenko
Richard Weber
Frank Wolf
Francois Léger-Savard
Yan Kaczynski
Éric Leclair
Martin Trahan
Eric Philips
Rhodri Lewis
Mylène Paquet
Aleks Gussev
Francois Vézina
Sjur Mordre
Carole Girard
Catheryne Langford
Catherine Chagnon
Louis-Charles Moreau
Diane Racine
Danny Peled
Yvon Pilotte
Jeff Marley
Hanna Bystrom
Patrice Boulay
Ann Hayfield
Arabelle Sauvé
Alexis Achim
Danny Lemieux
Michel Dumontier
Angelo Tremblay
Léandre Gagné-Lemieux
Francois Billaut
Elisabeth Blais
Yannick Charbonneau
Lise Lafond
Pascale Tremblay
Seth Hansen
Crister Aalberg Naess
Robert Brunet
Hubert Poliquin
Lara Cordy
Mario Bilodeau
Thomas Thierry
Alexander Bierwald
Mariouche Gagné
Paule Racine
Guy Dubuc
Danielle Gauthier
William Walcker
Danny Forest
Dominic Roulx
Jean-François Fortin