In the summer 2018, the AKOR team crossed northern Quebec and Labrador with an original and audacious 1600 km route composed of 4 rivers and 2 oceans, completed in 65 days.

  • Conduct research in forest ecology on the impact of climate change on tree growth in the North
  • To map a river that had never been paddled down by contemporary paddlers
  • Discover many prehistoric archaeological sites never before identified
  • Give 45 lectures after the return from the expedition, not only to educate people about the North and sub-Arctic ecosystems, but more importantly to spread the benefits of the outdoors, adventure and self-improvement.

AKOR 2018 was considered by some experts as the ultimate canoeing achievement in Quebec. For the team, it represented the culmination of their expertise in expeditions.

This project earned AKOR a Major Grant from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the AKOR Scientific Expedition scholarship from Laval University in Quebec City, created especially for this expedition.