To date, more than 15,000 people – mostly young people – have attended AKOR presentations. Since 2018, we’ve given over 150 talks, mostly in schools. Each time, the kid’s interest in our achievements reminds us that the human benefits of our expeditions alone are worth all the effort we invest in carrying out our projects!

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For us, preparing and carrying out expeditions in remote regions has always gone hand in hand with a vocation to educate young people. For many years, we have guided youngsters on river adventures, with the aim of taking them out of their comfort zone and, ultimately, helping them to become confident and self-reliant in the face of life’s challenges. We know how effective expeditions can be, not only in motivating young people to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle, but above all in showing them the benefits of making a deep commitment to realizing their ambitions and dreams.

We are currently conducting a brand new series of talks. We hope that our determination to do whatever it takes to complete a journey never before attempted will inspire Canadians to realize their potential, dream big and adopt a healthy lifestyle! Our conference is professional and full of spectacular images. We speak at schools all over Quebec, and it’s always a pleasure to meet young people full of potential. We’re always ready to listen to teachers who’d like a particular angle on the message conveyed in the presentation. These include: a focus on academic perseverance, reaching your goals, how to make your dreams come true, the importance of science and environmental awareness.

Tomorrow’s generation faces unprecedented challenges. Combating and adapting to climate change is one of them, and young people more than ever need hope, ambition and confidence in their role as agents of change. Coming from affluent and comfortable socio-economic backgrounds, we are aware that our privileges have enabled us to embrace ambitious aspirations, to have self-confidence and to understand very early in our lives the importance and benefits of being active and proactive in our goals. That’s why, by sharing our expedition experiences, we make it our duty to catalyze the energy and potential of young people, motivating them to take the reins of their future and become agents of change in their communities – and their own lives.