Without them, none of this would be possible!

Through their personal investment and confidence in our great expedition, the organizations and individuals below are propelling our dream into reality. We would like to formally thank them for their commitment to the AKOR expedition, and to its scientific and social spin-offs.

Donors of time and advice

Ray Zahab
Bernard Voyer
Nataly Clément
Mylène Paquette
Thomas Thierry
Mario Bergeron
Chantal Gendron
Evelyne Blouin
Robert Brunet
Sara Poutanen
Christine Chénard
Guy Bolduc
Mark Smith
Lisa Kincaid
William Walcker
Minh-Anh Pham
Jacques Chassé
Yvon Pilotte
Dany Peled
Claudine Provost
François Côté
Stéphane Savard
François Léger-Savard
Taylor Robertson
Antoine Ross-Trempe
Joëlle Landry
Mathilde Bessières
Miléna Babin
Lise Martin
Stéphane Corbeil
Stephanie Qaiser
Laurent Poliquin
Ariane Moisan
Caroline Guay
Jean-Pierre Allard
Marie-Katherine Jobin
Laurence Décloître
Paul Lépinay
Jonathan Proulx