From March to November 2021, a team of 8 Quebecers accomplished the longest north-south crossing of Canada ever attempted, using only human power. This was the first time ever that people attempted to link the country’s northernmost island (Ellesmere) to the American border in southern Ontario. This journey is among the longest wilderness expeditions in Canadian history. Guillaume Moreau and Nicolas Roulx completed the entire route, while five of their friends came along for some sections.

In total, it took Nicolas and Guillaume 234 days to cover the 7600 km of the expedition. On this distance, 39 parallels were crossed, of which 32 were connected in a continuous way, only with human strength.

In order to cross one of the countries covering the longest North-South distance on the planet, a diversity of means of transport was necessary.


That’s 19% of the Earth’s circumference covered by human power to explore the limits of the mind, inspire perseverance and combine adventure, science and education.