Two years after the end of our expedition, we FINALLY have the delectable pleasure of presenting you with this magnificent object of almost 450 pages: our very first book, in which we tell you about our North-South crossing of Canada!

Our book 234 jours is now on sale in bookstores across Quebec!

You can also buy it online directly from Cardinal!

Writing is confronting. And it takes time. It also takes courage to expose one’s state of mind, and a small dose of egocentricity to dare to believe that people might be interested. But we polished this text as much as we could. We let it mature as it should. We’ve had a lot of fun – and a few caffeinated headaches – telling you everything (really everything) that might intrigue you about our North-South crossing of Canada, complete with photos and maps.

We plunge you into the extraordinarily varied range of emotions that took hold of us during these 8 months of expedition. In a style that blends humor, drama and self-mockery, we’ve managed to keep you on your toes. From the most intimate subjects to the most down-to-earth aspects, from the most absurd moments to the most dangerous ones, where things almost went sour… We’ve gone right down to the finest detail, with the aesthetic care that these immaculate landscapes and the Inuit people who call this part of the world home, where ruggedness and timeless wonders go hand in hand.