Guillaume Moreau (PhD), a member of the crew, is a postdoctoral fellow in forest sciences at Laval University in Quebec City. Thanks to his research expertise, the AKOR team was able to give a scientific mission to his expedition to the Torngat Mountains in 2018 and collect several wood samples from boreal forest enclaves along the George and Koroc Rivers in Nunavik. In their canoes and on their backs, the AKOR members carried 70 wooden sticks over several hundred kilometres, in addition to their equipment and food.

As these forest ecosystems travelled by the AKOR team are located several hundred kilometres north of the northern boundary of the continuous boreal forest, the trees sampled during the expedition have experienced significant global warming in recent years.

Ultimately, this research aims to better understand the effect of climate change on the growth of northern forest ecosystems, but also to anticipate its effects on the southern boreal regions, one of the largest biomes on our precious planet.