The AKOR podcast is the monthly podcast where we talk about everything related to the world of expeditions in Quebec and Canada, with guests from all sports disciplines and all fields, true enthusiasts who have experienced unique and inspiring adventures! People with fascinating stories come to us for long discussions to share with us the results and lessons they have learned from the extraordinary experiences they have had the audacity to live.

Jacob Racine is a professional adventure tourism guide who graduated from Cégep St-Laurent in Montreal in the early 2000s. In addition to his outdoor career, he took part in several significant expeditions in Quebec, including the legendary Karibu Project: a complete 131-day ski crossing of Quebec from Montreal to Kuujjuaq. He was also a participant in the TV program Destination Nord-Ouest, broadcast on TVA in 2008. An outstanding speaker and storyteller, he knows how to share his experiences in a way that makes people think, inspire and make them laugh! At the time of the podcast, Jacob was about to departure for a two-month expedition to reach the geographical centre of South America from the Chilean coast to the heart of the Amazon, by bike and raft! With Jacob, we discussed in detail the highlights of his career as a guide, his main expeditions and explored a very general question: how is it to be a professional guide in Quebec? Guaranteed laughter!

This episode is presented by Hilleberg, the company that makes tents that can withstand the most hostile weather conditions.

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